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On Preach, host Lee Hale sits down with people from all walks of life and all religions. You’ll hear people talk honestly about their doubts and beliefs. How they wrestle with life’s big questions. And the way spirituality intersects with their daily struggles and joys. 

These days, especially on social media, the word “Preach” is used as a way to encourage someone to share their story. To validate. To tell them that they deserve to be heard. That’s what this show is about. Empowering the people — some of them famous, all of them fascinating — who live in the messy middle of faith. Because we’re all hungry for more frank, fun conversations about how we make sense of life. From KUER and PRX.

About the host

Lee Hale is a millennial who grew up in a devout Mormon household. Three years ago he decided to move to Salt Lake City to report on his own church for KUER (NPR Utah). The experience has been enlightening, disheartening and has changed the way he thinks about belief. So now Lee wants to talk to people of all faiths about living as a believer in the modern world. Because he’s still sorting out it all out. And he thinks you might be too.

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What does Tricia believe? Lots of things. That a rally cap can turn things around in a baseball game. That Mister Rogers was right about pretty much everything. That stories are powerful (cue Tyrion Lannister monologue). And you. She believes in you.


Can we say spiritual but not religious without being cringey? After growing up super Christian in the Midwest, Chelsea is pretty much #SBNR at this point. She’s also a pop culture junkie with a soft spot for well-told stories.

Tim slover | pRODUCER

If you want Tim’s brain to short-circuit, just ask him whether he believes in God or not. Watch in amazement as he stammers about energy, childhood brand-loyalty to Jesus, and—cue the eye-roll—meditation. He copes by editing podcasts.

Renee bright | marketing & design

Renee grew up in small town Texas and Kansas as a preacher’s daughter reading Goosebumps books in the pews while her dad gave sermons at the pulpit. She’s since moved to Utah (after a brief stint in New York) and now spends her Sunday mornings in the mountains instead of at church.

Ali vallarta | live events

Ali spends a lot of time contemplating how Preach will do live shows. She has brought many plants back from the dead and thinks that makes her spiritual. She was raised Catholic-ish by her Canadian mother and Mexican father, in Florida.


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