Everyone believes in something, even if it’s nothing. A podcast about the messiness of faith. Hosted by Lee Hale from KUER and PRX.


Preach. Because everyone believes in something, even if it’s nothing.

Lee Hale loves talking about religion with strangers. Is that weird? Maybe. But when those conversations go deep and get honest, there’s something everyone can relate to. That’s what you’ll hear on this podcast.

Preach is all about big questions that dive headfirst into the messiness of faith and spirituality. Lee talks with people who haven’t figured it all out yet. Because for many of us, what we believe changes and evolves. It’s something we have to talk through, and maybe laugh about.

About the host:

Lee Hale is a religion reporter with his own story to tell. He lives in one of the most religious places in the country, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Credit: C. McIntosh Photo

From KUER and PRX.