Let’s talk about sex (and God) with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus is a feminist Orthodox Jewish sex therapist. She talks with host Lee Hale about the complicated aftermath of being taught God has strict rules for your sex life. Plus, the ‘Woodstock’ moment she sparked by carving out space for feminists of faith. From KUER and PRX.


snap judgment host GLynn Washington on Leaving A Cult, What Comes Next

The host of Snap Judgment opens up about being agnostic and rethinking the role of belief after growing up in an apocalyptic cult. Plus, the parts of your spiritual upbringing stick that with you in unexpected ways. Hosted by Lee Hale. From KUER and PRX.


actor Rainn Wilson on baha’i faith, ‘office’ binge watching

On the first episode of Preach, actor Rainn Wilson — best known for his role as the oddly obsessive Dwight Schrute on The Office — opens up about his messy journey to find a religion that felt right. Hosted by Lee Hale. From KUER and PRX.



On Preach, host Lee Hale talks to people of all religions about living in the messy middle when it comes to faith.

Some of them are famous. All of them are fascinating. And you can count on each episode to serve up a frank, fun conversation about how we wrestle with life’s biggest questions. From KUER and PRX.

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